3 important things you can do with ₹ 46,800! 😀

Hey there!

Imagine you miraculously have ₹46,800 added to your account – out of the blue – you could just do so many EXTRA things that month, right?!

You could go on that much planned Goa trip you’ve been shunning because it just wasn’t fitting your monthly budget, or you could end up ordering all the items on your shopping wishlist! You could also buy yourself that much craved for phone or gadget, without feeling guilty!

Now, what if I told you, that you can totally lay your hands on that money – by investing and saving on your taxes!

The easiest and my most favourite way of saving up to ₹46,800 in taxes is with ELSS Funds.

The Equity Link Savings Scheme or ELSS potentially offers the highest returns among all 80C tax saving options. They also come with the lowest lock-in period that any tax saving instrument offers, which is just 3 years! The top ELSS funds have proven to yield 10-12% returns per annum as well.

So download the Niyo Money app and invest before the 31st of March 2021 to save upto ₹46,800.

Here’s the list of ELSS funds we recommend: https://www.niyomoney.com/blog/the-2021-list-of-recommended-mutual-funds-on-niyo-money/#recommendedtaxsaveelssmutualfunds3yearlockinfor2021