Are you an investment procrastinator? Then this is for you!

Hey you!

Are you someone who hates the process of filing your taxes? Are you someone who also hates making investments because you find the whole tax process taxing? Are you someone who doesn’t mind paying taxes, just to run away from the whole investment process? Then read on as we tell you the simplest way out – because why pay taxes when you can actually save and invest!

With ELSS, you could save upto ₹46,800 in taxes without a hassle! The Equity Link Savings Scheme or ELSS potentially offers the highest returns among all 80C tax saving options. They also come with the lowest lock-in period that any tax saving instrument offers, which is just 3 years! The top ELSS funds have proven to yield 10-12% returns per annum as well.

So Mr Procrastinator, it’s not too late, just download the Niyo Money app, we’ll tell you the best ELSS Funds to invest in, you invest and poof! We give you the proofs right away too.
Here are the top ELSS funds you could invest in: The 2021 list of recommended Mutual Funds on Niyo Money