Muhurat Trading : Invest in stocks on this auspicious occasion!

Muhurat trading is the trading activity in the Indian stock market on the occasion of Diwali. Usually, it is held during evening hour and is announced by the stock market exchanges notifying traders and investors of the Muhurat trading hour.

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Trading activity

Trader community considers it auspicious to participate in stock trading on the occasion of Muhurat Trading session. The schedule of the muhurat trading is announced by the stock exchange and the market usually closes on a higher note at the ending of the trading hour. Investors place token orders and buy stocks for their children, which are held for the long term and sometimes never sold. Traders normally book their intraday profits, however small they may be.

Source: Muhurat trading - Wikipedia

How to participate in Muhurat Trading?

  1. You will need a demat account to participate in stock market during Muhurat Trading hours.
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  3. It takes 1 or 2 business days to approve the KYC of demat account. If you wish to participate, get ready with a fully functional demat account and fund your trading wallet in advance as Muhurat trading session lasts only for an hour.
  4. Muhurat Trading session is scheduled on Nov 4, 2021 starting from 6.15 PM to 7.15 PM

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