Why is my account BLOCKED

Hi @Ajazmohd

The primary purpose of our Community is to encourage healthy discussions about personal finance and sharing appropriate tips and information with each other. :slight_smile:
You can always raise your account related queries and concerns on the CHAT option provided on your NiyoX app or raise a ticket with us there.

However, we’re checking this for you and you’ll shortly hear from @KshitiVyas on your cashback concern.


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@Ajazmohd good for you man atleast some1 is getting some kind of solution

Hi @Ajazmohd
What is your issue that we have not responded back on? You have already been credited the cashback you are eligible for.

Hi @Red thank you for your time over the call. We are getting this checked from our end. Kindly allow us sometime, and we will reach out at the earliest with an update.


I posted here about my Cashback issue for which you asked my customer ID through DM. After providing it I didn’t get any update.
So again I posted mentioning other moderators too. I didn’t get any response. So Is it wrong to say that “I didn’t get response from community…”??

I received Rs 350 cashback for May Campaign.

I did the following txns

Loaded 1000 as first deposit - So 100 Cashback

Spent 250 or more using upi - So 50 Cashback

Loaded 5000+( so will be not considered as first deposit) - So 100 Cashback

Spent 1500 on POS/ECOM/UPI txn - So 100 Cashback

Invested first time in mutual funds on NiyoX - So 100 Cashback

So am eligible for = 100+50+100+100+100 = 450 cashback.

And I didn’t say that I didn’t get cashback.
I got partial Cashback.

This is why I said "No response…"
I hope I was not wrong…

Hi @Ajazmohd ,

According to our check, you had been credited with the amount you qualified for. However, for the sake of your numerous queries, we will check again if there is anything that you haven’t been credit for yet

Ok fine!
But I did the txns which qualify the terms.

so @Deepak i don’t mind if they close my account BUT ONLY IF they send me my money back to beneficiary account

as i can’t do this thing like, if they want me to go somewhere to solve the issue and have to travel far far away just to unblock my account, then it’s not worth having account in this bank

@Red we understand your concern. We are getting this checked from our end. We’ll reach out to you at the earliest with an update.

Is your query resolved?

nothing yet as you see @Deepak asked me to wait
now it’s over 2 days but nothing yet

@KshitiVyas any update?

I also sent an email to Niyo.
And I got this email.
I’m glad…atleast I got a reply!

Hi @Red your account has been frozen by the bank. You may have to contact or visit any nearest Equitas to get this issue sorted out at the earliest.


@Deepak so you can’t do anything about it
and can’t you close the account and return my money i will be happy with that
or ask them to

@Deepak @Bansari @KshitiVyas somethings are great here to freeze account you don’t have to go to bank
which i NEVER asked for by the way
but to unfreeze i have to
which i NEVER want to. if I like visiting banks i would have opened account in bank near me
INSTEAD using this idiotic, useless bank app
this is a fun and great feature all ONLINE BANKS should use
so that everyone stop using ONLINE BANK apps like this

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