Why is my account BLOCKED

i can’t do any transaction by UPI, IMPS/NEFT, Net Banking or by Debit card since yesterday
and now my money stuck without any warning
i have done every thing KYC and all now i can’t remove my own money. what’s the point of opening account here, if i don’t have control over my own money

How many txns did you do in last 24 hours?
One can do only 10 upi txns within 24 hours.

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already know all that
and can’t you see i said i can’t do IMPS/NEFT which don’t have limit as UPI
haven’t done any kind of transaction for days

Once try using Equitas netbanking.

did that too
i can’t do any kind of transaction
they blocked my account for no reason and without any notice
tried using debit card many time too same problem

Hi @Red
Welcome to the Niyo Community!
Kindly confirm if you are still facing the issue?

@Bansari yes i am still having problem
not even refer and earn feature showing and app is upto date

My UPI is having same issue. Unable to transfer money. UPI ID is activated a month ago. But tried now but not allowing us.

Worst service from equitas I believe. It is not with niyox

my account is blocked not having problem wiht just UPI but with all modes of payment from bank

Hi @Red regret the inconvenience. We are getting this checked from our end. In the meantime, you may also contact the Equitas bank at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM. Also, refer and earn option is not yet live for all the users. We are working on it and soon this will be available for everyone. We kindly request you to please wait until then. Your patience is much appreciated.


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@Deepak don’t care about refer and earn was just pointing out the problems with my account and do you think after this kind of experiance i will refer other to this kind of problem for misly 10/20 ruppes

my money is stuck in this account for days and can’t use it

Account may be blocked due to security reason. Please try again after 24 hours.
Good luck.

its already been 3 days now of waiting @Subhra_Goswami

@Bansari @Deepak you guys are no help
what’s the point of the forum if you don’t help anybody
who need it

Hi @Red we have escalated and get this checked. It’s taking longer time than expected. Regret the inconvenience. We will reach-out to you at the earliest.


If one speaks negative about the community such post needs approval!:joy:
For previous campaign (May) I didn’t get complete cashback. I posted several times about it by mentioning moderators, sending DMs but didn’t get response yet

Mentioned moderators in several posts, sent DMs and even created topics but no response…
Day by Day this forum/community is turning useless

@Deepak you didn’t ask for any details related to my account from which you can track my account and check for problems as you ask for other people here
how can anybody check my account for issues without it

Hi @Red we have your details with us, and we have tried to reach out you on your registered mobile number. Unfortunately, the call was not answered. We see that you’ve blocked your physical debit card and have requested for a replacement card. As the card is in block state, for security reasons, you’ll be not allowed to make any transactions. You may have to wait until your new card is delivered to you.


@Deepak i didn’t block it. it was done by the bank they removed all the features and also virtual card
only thing they didn’t remove was me adding money to there
which how my money got stuck and can’t use it
other then adding money i can’t do anything else