Unable to do any transaction

I am unable to do any transaction imps or upi nothing is working. I have been complaining since 1 week . but there is no response. In live chat they just say the same thing that they will reach the technical team. the worst experience.

Hey @Sahil78697! We deeply regret the inconvenience. This has been escalated to the bank and we are following up constantly on it. We kindly request you to please allow us some time and we will help you with it. On receiving the update from the bank, we’ll reach out to you on your ticket 1389434


The same line i am hearing everyday by your team. :expressionless:

Yes I am Also getting the same problem and they are replying the same thing

Now it’s worked properly

How much time they took, since when you were having problem ? And what did you do?

I was getting this problem for more then a week now and today I was still getting the same problem so I shouted at them and they told sir please wait some time and I was like I know nothing gonna happen I am hearing the same thing for a week now but transferring after some hours it successfully transferred. I think they fixed the issue. Check it yourself it might work this time.

My issue is different. On upi it is showing account blocked or frozen. Without any reason or notice they did that. And not even telling anything. The worst banking service ever i experienced.

Hi @Shahzad_Riyaz_Ahmed, welcome to our community! Thank you for confirming the issue is resolved. For any further assistance kindly write to us at global@goniyo.com our team will be happy to assist you better.

What happen. It’s been many days,still not solved or any reason for issue
What are you doing.

What about my issue. It’s been many days. Still not solved. What is the issue atleast tell me that.

I am also facing issue while transferring money {Unabled to reach server} and in upi account blocked or frozen.

It’s been more than month. Still no solution . no reason.

Hey @Sahil78697! Inconvenience regretted! We are sorry to inform you that your account has been frozen by the bank and unfortunately, it cannot be unfrozen. For any further details, you can reach out to the SBM bank at 1800-1033-817 or email at customercare@sbmbank.co.in


First of all who opened my account -niyo global.
Second- i am in abroad for study (how do i contact)
Third - SBM bank not evem responding to my mails, i have already sended many mails.
Now tell me what should i do . i you cannot unfreeze account then atleast give my money back.

Hey Sahil! If you had sent an email to the bank, you must have received a service request number from the bank, we kindly request you to share that with us and we will try to have that checked from our end.


I did not get any response from bank. I have sended many emails but no reply or anything.