Why can't NiyoX provide Free Debit card without annual maintenance changes?

Neo banks like Finn and Fi is providing free debit cards without annual maintenance changes. Finn with SBM BANK and Fi with Federal Bank is providing services to customers without any additional charges with zero balance savings account. Why can’t NiyoX provide such services to customers without any Terms and Conditions? Why to impose annual maintenance changes for debit card? If a customer is ready to pay for debit card, then it’s better to choose regular savings account directly from banks. Why this neo banking platforms? Disappointed with NiyoX account. Better to choose from the above accounts. Good bye to NiyoX.

Hi Dhileep,

We understand your concerns, however the current promotional offer is live till 30th June 2021, waives your 1st year’s annual fee. So hurry, finish your biometric and grab your card now! For the upcoming years the fee would be anyway waived off based on some usage/account balance criteria which we will be announcing in the next few months.
We recommend you to have a hands-on yourself and do share your experience with us. We are working round the clock to ensure that we can offer you the best banking and user experience with our products.


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