Confusion after changing your Digital printed text

I’ve multiple queries after seeing some changes in your printed text about Maintenance charge & Monthly Average Balance (MAB) :-

★ I’d opened Account by NiyoX ,it showing account type as “ Equitas Niyo Saving / SOW "

Opening date : 25/05/2021 .
Full KYC date : 19th June ( delay by agent) .
Got Physical Debit Card : 05/07/2021.

  1. Will I be changed for not maintain MAB ?

  2. Will I be charged for Debit Card ? if not then when will it be chargeable ( I think 1 year later)?

  3. If there any other charge, Please tell because your promises change over time .

  4. If I’ll block my card , will UPI be usable ?

Other query is :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I want to Open My father’s account with NiyoX :

i. is there any charge now for MAB & Debit Card?

ii. If by chance Account get fridge, will I be able to do reactivate it without visiting branch ?
( Because we live in Bihar & there’s no branch here near to me)

Hi @Roshan ,

(1/5) You wont be charged anything for not maintaining AMB
(2/5) Visa Platinum Debit card is free for first year and we are working on waiving of debit card charges in consecutive years based on certain criteria’s
(3/5) No there are no other hidden charges to the account
(4/5) If you block your card, UPI will be usable
(5.1/5) There is an ongoing promotional offer going on wherein your first years fee would be waived off if you get the card before 31st March 2022
(5.2/5) If your account gets freezed then we shall take care of it further.

Hope this helps.


OMG ! You’ve answered my all answers , that I can’t even except with Other Banking Service specially with government banking system.
Thank You So Much @Bansari Ma’am


If your account gets freezed…

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