I want to do full kyc but don't want physical card. Tell me is it possible?

I am the existing customer of MiyoX bank account. My question is how to upgrade Full kyc without Physical Card. I don’t need physical card

Hi Nildari,

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We regret to inform you but that is not possible. This is completely automated and as we informed earlier, the order gets automatically placed once you complete the Biometric verification of your account.

Hope this helps!

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I also want full KYC in my account but don’t want to take Debit card but after doing full KYC in Niyox, I will have to take the card and have no other option and pay the annual fee of the card.
So i want to close my account.

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How much are you charging for the physical debit card

Hi @MrWhitehat @KeshArindam
NiyoX Debit card is free till 31st March 2022. Hope this clear your doubts.


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Partially answers my questions
What are the annual charges on the Debit Card (Physical one) after the promotion period is over i.e. after Mar-31 2022.
Also, is there any minimum balance requirement for this account?
In short how much total will I have to pay in order to maintain this account??

Hi @KeshArindam
(1/2) Debit card charges after promotional offer is 150 + GST
(2/2) No Minimum balance required to maintain the account

Hope all your issues are addressed and answered.

Yes, now I have the complete picture. Thank you

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