General Queries NiyoX

The Niyo X product looks interesting.
However I had some general queries regarding the product.

  1. If no charges are levied for any balance less than Rs. 10000, why not effectively call it a zero balance account? Why the confusion that no charges will be levied? Is it that in future the rule of a minimum balance would be floated and then charges will be levied?

  2. Can someone not opt for physical debit card even after completing the KYC process.

Hey, @dhirajbennadi ! Welcome to the Niyo Community!
NiyoX account is now a zero balance account. Please go through this community post to know more

Please note that we do not have the feature to not opt for the physical card. But your card is free for the first year and you do not have to pay the annual charges. And, we will take this as a suggestion for future implications in the app. Thank you so much! ES