Want to change Door Step kyc verification address

I have applied for door step kyc previously but some reasons not completed the kyc process.After that I have changed my communication address through net banking but the door step kyc verification address still not updated to new communication address.Please tell me how can I do that.

Hey Ganiul. Once you’ve updated the address from Equitas Net Banking. You are further requested to update the same to a Niyo representative for further procedures and getting the address updated in the NiyoX app. Tagging @Lucky . A Niyo representative will assist you further.

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please foward my message to him. who will update.

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Ganiul, you may DM @Lucky regarding this for faster assistance or wait till a Niyo representative reaches you regarding this issue.


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Hi Ganiul,

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Once you get a confirmation email from Equitas Bank regarding your updated communication address , thereafter you may go ahead and raise a ticket in the Niyo X app to our support team.
Rest assured our support team is working tirelessly round the clock to give you seamless customer experience, would request you to do so for clear clarity.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else:)


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