Unable to make any online transactions

Hi ,

From the moment i have received my physical and i am not able to make any online transactions.
It keeps failing with the error “ transaction decline by card issuer”.
On speaking to sbm they said its a niyo global problem. Kindly help

let me check and come back to you

any update on this … i need to make online transactions and this issue is really blocking me.

I opened an account last week only and was not expecting this

@sheshdharjha any update on this ??? how long do u need to get back with a response??

@Wasim_Al_Basha can i get a response on this… its been almost 3 days and i have had no resolution from niyo.

And given the number of complaints against the company in the community seems like all these services are just fake

Hello @Gopal_Chandak! We regret the inconvenience caused. Upon checking, we are unable to find the declined transaction logs. We also noticed that you made a successful ECOM transaction today at 01:38:11 PM.

We request you to please re-try the transaction. It should go through. Incase, if any persist. Please take a screenshot of the error message and reply to ticket ID : 1377077 so that we can assist you further. - WB