Transaction not going through

The transactions are not going through my card. I tried withdrawing through ATM and also tried adding money to my Amazon India balance. Always the transactions are getting declined.

Similar kind of thing happened with me day before yesterday (2nd October,2022) . I visited a atm facility to withdraw 15k, But it didn’t work. I was dsiplaying some error “… Denied” . I tried to crosscheck with the app settings if I mistakenly added any locks, but it was all good. The cash withrdrawal limit was set to 20k. I visited 5 different atm facility. Please kindly look into this issue.

Unable to do international transactions too. All type of transactions has been enabled for my account. Same problem exists for my wife’s account too.

Launching a good product that doesnt work serves no purpose. I am afraid that niyo global is not at all dependable when you are in a foreign land

Yep. Would recommend you to have some other backup card. You cannot totally rely on this. It was an emergency situation, I used this in India itself , was’nt working here. Didn’t face this kind of issue though I am using this card for the past 1 year. I would request niyo team to notify users of downtime in advance.

Hey @Fazlur_Rehman_Ikram! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are having this checked with our team. Kindly allow us some time and we’ll update you about it on your ticket 1456393.


I will be leaving for UK on 07 Oct 2022. Hope you will set the account right before that. Trusting niyo global has been a big mistake. Now i have to incur additional charges on my other Bank debit card which could have been avoided had i got forex card. @Deepak

After seeing so many account freezing issues of other users and no response from niyo or SBM is making me jittery.

Hope that the issue is resolved at the earliest.
@Deepak please provide resolution instead of standard replies.