Unable to apply global forex card


I tried applying for Equitas global forex card but was repeatedly getting name mismatch error. While my name in PAN and AADHAR are same and linking also approved by government, not sure how discrepancy is coming here.

While one customer representative had collected the details and mentioned concerned team will help resolve in chat, other representative in email denied any support. Please check and do the needful here.


Hi Prem Kumar,

We hope you are doing well!!

Your Pan and Aadhaar names (as updated in the NSDL and UIDAI servers) don’t match, As we checked your information.

Our system automatically fetches the names from the NSDL ( for PAN ) server and UIDAI (for Aadhaar), and the app denies the onboarding if the names do not match. We sincerely apologize.

We request you visit the nearest bank and create your account.

For further assistance, feel free to reach us on onb-global@goniyo.com or global@goniyo.com. We will be happy to assist you.