Travelling through Europe using the Niyo SBM Visa card as my primary cash card

I will be travelling through Europe for 12 days, visiting 4-5 diff countries. I am taking my Niyo Global SBM card as my primary cash card and a Citibank credit card as my backup card for this trip. Does anybody here has experience with the Niyo card, if it works everywhere in Europe ? I am hoping to use it at hotels, grocery stores, trains stations, museums etc. I also am thinking about applying for an RBL zero forex credit card in case the Niyo card doesnot work. Basically I want to travel with minimum cash and use the Niyo card for everything. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

I’ve been using this card for my every transaction in Norway for 6 weeks now. Used it in Istanbul as well. So I’m confident that it works. Appx 85% of times

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Thanks for the reply Akshat. As for the 15% case when it does not work, is it because of Visa card issue or something specific to the Niyo account ?
I mean, do other Visa cards work in those situations ?

Yes for example, in my laundry area, foreign cards have a high fail rate compared to Norwegian ones. So sometimes it’s not visa or master it could be local cards or not. In that case carry some cash. Always handy.