Niyo card is not working in Austria


I bought niyo card recently and travelled to Austria on Saturday.
My card is not at all working either at swipe machine/smack withdrawal/transferring money

Please help me I’m stuck in Austria without money.
Your support team is not all helping me just replying stupid messages and not resolving the issue
PleSe resolve my card
I think you have blocked or deactivated


I have recently bought niyo card and travelled to Austria on Saturday.
My card is not working anywhere
Neither on ATM withdrawal/swipe machines/tranfer money through app.

I’m stuck without money and totally dependent on this card.

Dropped so many emails and support is not responding properly.
Please resolve the issue asap as my travel is stuck or I’m helpless because of this card

Oh-no @Reshma! Inconvenience regretted. This shouldn’t have happened. :face_holding_back_tears:

The issue has been highlighted to our team. Kindly allow us some time, and we’ll have this resolved at the earliest.

Your patience is much appreciated.

See I’m here without a single penny…
They said bank has kept my account on hold…I don’t know for what reason while I have done everything
Please I’m helpless here
Please contact the bank and ask them to activate my account
For no reason they kept on hold and playing with my money
Try to resolve my issue asap
I’m a female all alone here who kept trust on you guys and bought you card

Hey @Reshma! Sorry for the inconvenience. Our team has confirmed that the issue has been resolved for most of the users. We kindly request you try transacting using your card and check if you are able to proceed with it. Also, we’d like to inform you that a few of the users are still facing the issue. Unfortunately, if you are facing an issue, do not worry, the issue will be resolved by tomorrow and you’ll be able to make transactions.