Travel to Turkey with equitas bank

I will be travelling to turkey and need to know the charges for withdrawal from Atm with Equitas Debit account

Hi @Kunal2travel ,

We want to let you know that the international ATM withdrawal will be Rs. 499 (including GST).

(Card swipe/Online)POS/ECOM → Zero Forex

Balance inquiry outside India: ₹25 + GST per International balance inquiry

Note: VISA exchange rates are applicable.

We would like to inform you that if your card number starts with 4061, you will incur 3.5% foreign exchange fees if your card number starts with 4723, which is a zero foreign exchange card.


So you mean to say that 3.5% is the mark up fees ? This is daylight fraud, you are claiming zero percent markup and charging this

Hi @Kunal2travel,

We apologize for any confusion regarding the fees. To clarify:

  • If your card number starts with 4061 (Niyo Equitas), you benefit from zero forex markup fees.

  • If your card number starts with 4723, a 3.5% foreign exchange fee applies.

The zero forex markup benefit applies to:

  • Niyo DCB debit cards

  • Niyo SBM credit cards

  • Niyo SBM debit cards

  • Niyo Equitas cards starting with 4061

The 3.5% fee is specific to the older NiyoX cards (starting with 4723).

Hope this clears up any confusion. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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