About latest update regarding atm abroad charges

Respected Sir/mam,

I am niyo x customer, I received latest notification from equitas bank, is that atm withdrawal charges in abroad will be change from 5 November 2023, previous atm withdrawal charges 110 rs +taxes per transaction, and now it will be 499 rs (including all taxes). Oh, its extremely high charges, it is worst service offered by niyoX. For me as international student, it will very high atm withdrawal charges.The atm withdrawal charges in case of abroad must be reduced to minimum affordable charges as compared to previous charges.

Sir,Please Give serious attention. Because like me most of international students use Niyo X card, they facing same problems.

Thanking you.
Thanks for your precious time.

Hello @Tejas_Mahajan!

We genuinely understand your concerns about the increased ATM withdrawal charges for international transactions, effective from November 5th, 2023. These changes are in accordance with Equitas Small Finance Bank’s revised schedule.

We acknowledge that these charges may pose challenges, especially for international students. While we have no control over the bank’s policies, we appreciate your feedback, which helps us enhance our services.

Rest assured, we are committed to exploring ways to minimize these charges or offer alternative solutions for our valued international student community.

Thank you for your understanding. :raised_hands:

I subscribed to Equitas Niyo global debit card as a one stop solution for cash withdrawal + card payments, during my international trips. And it worked excellently during my recent Vietnam trip.

However increasing ATM withdrawal charge to Rs. 499 is prohibitive and a ridiculous move! I’m already considering shifting to some other card, as Equitas Niyo is no longer useful for international cash withdrawals.

If Niyo really wants to retain their customers, they should discuss with Equitas bank to reduce these charges, at least on Niyo cards.

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This card is of no use, 499 is too much, any one know any alternative card ?

Pnb visa signature is best card now .because niyo x waste card .i prefer pnb visa card