Change in ATM withdrawal fees for NiyoX?

I recently used NiyoX in Europe and was surprised to see tha Niyo has charged me 500 for cash withdrawal, last year it was 100.

When did this change happen and did Niyo notify the user about this change?

Hi Sidd,

There are no charges to withdraw from Equitas bank ATMs, but if you wish to withdraw from other ATMs:

  1. If you live in a metro city, you can withdraw three times (per month) from other ATMs for free.
  2. If you live in a non-metro city, you can withdraw five times (per month) from other ATMs for free.

After these number of times, you will be charged Rs. 21 + GST (24.78) for every extra withdrawal

Note: From November 5, 2023,

We want to let you know that the international ATM withdrawal will be Rs. 499 (including GST) Note: From November 5, 2023

(Card swipe/Online)POS/ECOM → Zero Forex

Balance inquiry outside India: ₹25 + GST per International balance inquiry

Note: VISA exchange rates are applicable.


500 per withdrawal is crazy price!

Do you know whether its same with Niyo Global and DCB as well? No point keeping NiyoX anymore.

For DCB its 300plus GST.

So, international ATM withdrawal fees are

NiyoX - 500/transaction
DCB - 300/transaction
Niyo Global - 200/transaction