ATM Withdrawal charges in United Kingdom

I’m trying to withdraw GBP 800 at an ATM in UK. However, the charges are skyrocketing. Is the 18% GST amount applied on the withdrawal amount?

Hey @Zachary_Dsouza!

For Niyo Global cards, the ATM withdrawal fees are as follows:

  1. Niyo Global Equitas Debit Card: ₹110 + 18% GST, which totals approximately ₹129.8 INR.

Please note that the 18% GST is applied only to the withdrawal fee, not on the amount withdrawn.

  1. Niyo Global DCB Debit Card: ₹300 + GST.

  2. Niyo Global Credit Card: ₹500 or equivalent to 2.5% of the transaction amount.

Additionally, please be aware that some ATMs operated by merchants may charge you an additional fee for withdrawals. This fee varies from one merchant to another, and it will be displayed during the withdrawal process. Unfortunately, we do not have information about these additional fees as they are determined by the individual ATM operators.