Transactions Declining even when funds are available

My card transactions are falling and it is an unacceptable TAT(turn around time) you guys have to fix an issue. How do you justify 48 working hours (i.e., 6 full working days) to get a resolution to failing transactions on a foreign land with no access to funds. Its been over 48 working hours now and yet not a single mail or communication from your end to know what is the status, whether it will be fixed or not. Don’t make me feel i can not rely on Niyo on a foreign after having good experiences for last 1 year.

Hi Mayur,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you’re experiencing due to the failing transactions on your Niyo card. I understand how crucial it is to have access to funds, especially while traveling abroad, and I deeply regret any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Your dissatisfaction is understandable, and I want to assure you that we are taking this matter seriously. Our team is working diligently to resolve the issue and ensure that you can rely on Niyo for seamless transactions, as you have in the past year.

To expedite the resolution process, I kindly request you to provide the screenshot of the error along with the date of the transaction to This will allow our team to investigate the issue thoroughly and provide you with a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this matter.