Online transaction and ATM withdrawal issues


I have been having issues with international online payments and international ATM withdrawals over the last two weeks (The Niyo card works at physical stores).

When I try to withdraw from an ATM overseas, I get the error message “Withdrawal limit exceeded” but I am well within the allowed limits. Similarly, I need to complete online payments which are time sensitive, and I always get the error “The transaction failed. Would you like to try again?”

What gets me more agitated is the fact that even the “Support - Contact support” feature in the app does not seem to work for any issue being lodged, showing a generic error “Oops! Something went wrong”.

Could you please look into this issue and let me know what I can do from my end to successfully use the ATM withdrawal and online transaction features again? Like I mentioned before, I am currently overseas and this is a time sensitive issue.

Hi @ranjanharsh, welcome to our community! This is not the kind of experience we wanted you to have. Not to worry our team will respond to you over an email by getting this checked. For any further assistance reach out to the support team with the reference number here: 1442135 our team will be happy to assist you better.

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