Issue with International ATM withdrawal

Hi, I am using Niyo Global credit card, card works well at POS, restaurants, I need some cash but while withdrawing cash from ATM, getting message that my withdrawal limit exceeded, I have sufficient limits in my SBM bank as well as in credit card account. last 3 days tried to contact customer care, no response at all, bit surprising, I have seen poor customer service, at least you get some response but this is worst i have experienced, no response at all

I have to use my personal card on which i need to pay huge transactions charges ( wish i would have opted for travel card from personal bank)

This will be my last try if anyone from Niyo listening ??

I have faced the same issue earlier during ATM Withdrawal with Niyo global credit card( SBM bank ) .

Note : I have tried selecting source as credit card as well as check in/current account however no luck

Please let us know how to address it ASAP.

Hi Sujiki,

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Request you to write to So that our team will assist you accordingly.