Ticket No 921840 - Agent didn't visit. KYC Incomplete

I had booked an appointment for yesterday 8 am - 12 noon slot. The agent called me at 11:30 am confirming I am at home. He then showed up at 5 pm. Between 12 noon to 5 pm there was no communication of delay. I tried reaching out to the agent but couldn’t as the number he called me from was a landline number and it was asking for some PIN.

When the agent finally visited me at 5 pm his phone battery was low 11% and the biometric device was not connecting to their server. He told me that he had informed at office about the biometric device issue yet at office he was told to carry on with faulty device. He told me that since morning he hasn’t done any productive work.

I was disappointed that even after waiting beyond the time slot that I booked for, KYC couldn’t be complete.

I rescheduled the KYC for today 8 am - 12 noon. But the agent hasn’t showed up yet. No calls. No information yet. I am afraid it is going to repeat yesterday’s episode.

Does anyone at Niyo value customer’s time?
If this is the service you provide, how do you claim to be different from others?

Hi @rupeshmandal I am a product manager at Niyo. Sorry about this and thanks for bringing it to our notice. . We will look into it and make sure that this doesn’t happen again. We will reschedule KYC for you. Please feel free to share any other feedback that you may have. Thanks!.

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Thanks. The issue has been resolved.