The card number doesn’t exist but it’s not visible



When I received the package and opened the envelope, I read the fee and the agreement document as my mom was removing the card, and saw there was nothing imprinted on the card.

Hi Karthikeya,

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Uh-huh! :confused: Sorry about this, we’ll definitely replace this card for you!
All you need to do is place a replacement request using your NiyoX app. Here is how you can do it:

Log in to the NiyoX app and block your existing VISA Platinum Debit Card
Tap on ‘Order’
Choose the card design ‘Morse Code’ or ‘Illustration Style’ as per your liking
Choose your naming style you would like to be printed on the card
Tap on ‘Next’
Voila! Your request for a card replacement is now placed

Rest assured we shall give you an express delivery for the same.


I mean I do wanna replace the card but I’m not able to activate the card in the first place, place have a look of what I am facing through NIYOX account.

I tried blocking the card, and discarding the old one and I went ahead and saw two things it shows that my card has Tap and pay but it’s doesn’t have, and also when I went ahead and tried to reorder it shows I’ll have to pay for the new card can I know what’s happening? It’s being so much complicated to get a card and get going.

Hi Kartikeya,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused :frowning:

We shall get in touch with soon with a resolution.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Kartikeya,

Thanks for bringing this up. I have checked on this and the fee isn’t there for card ordering till June 30. We shall remove this ‘Reordering fee’ screen in the upcoming release. For now, you can click on ‘I Accept’ and proceed to order the card.
Rest assured, no fee will be charged to you.

Let me know if you face any other issue.

Can you also tell where did you see Tap & Pay? Can you share an image so that I can understand better.

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Here you can see the blanked out card which I blocked which shows the card was, Tap and pay Card. And I have doubts if I should go ahead and place a replacement order or wait till I get the tap and pay card comes out as Tap wave card makes much sense than a swipe one!

Hi Kartikeya,

We’ll change this as we don’t have Tap & Pay available in the current Debit Card. For now, you can go ahead and place the order for the card. Tap & Pay is in our plan and it’ll be launched in coming months.

Thanks, but what if in the future I want to have the tap and pay card? So i can just pay the amount prescribed and order the card? Or I am just stuck with this old card?
Thanks for all quick solutions.

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Hi Kartikeya, here’s what Vinay Bagri had to answer previously for the same question.

Hope this helps!

Ashrith Jain


Hi Kartikeya,

As and when we’ll have cards with Tap & Pay, you’ll be able to upgrade seamlessly.

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