Two cards different

Please let me know the difference for the two cards
Classic visa platinum card (Black one) and the normal one visa platinum card which supposed to be good look and design
What’s the difference
Any extra charge for the card ??
Or also one thing after full kyc can i choose which card i like to order or it’s totally automatically based ?

Hi there,

The Visa Classic Debit Card is a virtual card which is accessible to you before completing your full biometric KYC
The Visa Classic Debit Card offers
a. Help in critical situations with emergency card replacement or cash advance
b. Cash with drawl from 1.9 million ATMs in more than 200 countries.

The Visa Platinum Debit Card is a physical card which is delivered to you post completion of full biometric KYC.
The Visa Platinum Debit Card offers you:
a. Lifestyle elevation: Generous spending limit, world-wide acceptance, local and regional deals for travel and shopping are some of the lifestyle privileges on Visa Platinum.
b. Concierge services: Round the clock concierge services through hotline or web enabled concierge services.
c. Reward and exclusive offers on Movies, Food & Entertainment.

The Platinum Debit Card comes at an annual fees of ₹150 + GST. The current promotional offer is live till 30th June 2021, waives your 1st year’s annual fee. So the first year is free for you. Sorry, we do not have any free debit card.

You can go ahead and get your hands on either of the designs you like .
Also can replace your card if you don’t like the current design you received.

Hope this helps.


Can u change card after completing the kyc which to order
Because accidentally i choose the black one and the black one is showing on the card settings
Can i able to change when i order or no?

Yes! You can now replace your card if you don’t like the current design you received. Here is how you can do it, before this please make sure that your existing VISA Platinum Card is activated:

  1. Log in to the NiyoX app and block your existing VISA Platinum Debit Card
  2. Tap on ‘Order’
  3. Choose the card design ‘Morse Code’ or ‘Illustration Style’ as per your liking
  4. Choose your naming style you would like to be printed on the card
  5. Tap on ‘Next’
  6. Voila! Your request for a card replacement is now placed

Note: The replacement card is free of cost till 30th June 2021. Card delivery will take 15 days from the date you placed the replacement order.


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Thanks for the help…got it