Regarding tag creation in transactions

Hi .
By default we do get a set of tags for tagging transactions, but it will great to have an option to create own tag in the app .
Pls add this option

Also would request to give some kind of budget creation option in app so we know how much we spend from the particular budget using the tag

Hi Shivprakash,

Thanks for choosing NiyoX and even bigger thanks for providing your valuable feedback. We will share this with our respective teams and see how we can implement the same :slight_smile:


Hi Shivprakash,

Thanks for your feedback. We have an option in the transactions to edit the description. You can try out that feature.
Rest assured, we’ll discuss internally on the custom-tag feature.

Yes , the description I am aware and really like it
For the tag I would wait

I have used many apps and many features which made them stand out , I wish to see that niyo takes the best from everywhere and give a complete product

Till now I am really happy using it .
You people are hearing to us is a great usp which no other bank is doing


Glad to hear that, Shivprakash!
We’ll keep on trying our best to serve our customers.

Hi Shivprakash,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m curious - what custom tags did you have in mind that aren’t already there in the app?

I normally do home loan emi , credit card bill , give money to friends, milk , donation, atm withdrawal


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