Pls add widget ASAP

I Would request the developers to kindly work on the widgets for the Niyox app and also the niyo money app, The widget enhances our experience as we can get the crucial information by just looking at it without opening the app.
Some suggestions or inspirations which I can share with you guys

  1. Currently CRED has a very nice selection of widgets where I can see the cards credit card and its pending dues,
    Similarly niyo money app can show me my coming SIP
  2. Also as we can see in the Paytm Money app, there are nice beautiful widgets for stocks and also for mutual funds you show me is my current status you can check out them for more inspiration

Adding these features will enhance both the apps and will give them an edge, kindly look into this as I’m looking forward to use niyo x and niyo money as my primary app for investment and saving account bank account

I just invested 20000 via Paytm money because of how easy the app is also very nicely made with dark mode and widget, pls consider

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