Export of annotated transactions

Hi, Among others the feature I like the most is annotating and tagging UPI transactions which have terrible narration.

Wanted to check on two things:

  1. Can I export a CVS of the transactions (or email them to myself) so so can do some analysis?
  2. Based on the destination UPI ID, can your app remember and annotate tag new transactions. For e.g. I have ~4 transactions a month through UPI with my pharmacist. Can it be auto tagged?

Thanks for your attention! Great work.


Hi Anand,

  1. We’re working on getting a feature live to allow you to download your statement
  2. We’re also working on a feature to star auto-tagging and renaming transactions intelligently. Remembering and auto-tagging for your specific use-use might be difficult given the nature of the narrations we have at the moment for UPI, but we’ll be trying to fix that as soon as possible!

Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions


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