Feature Requests To Take NiyoX to the neXt Level

Hello everyone! Glad to be a part of the NiyoX fam! I have some feature requests that can take the banking and user experience to the next level:

  1. More debit cards to choose from. A metal card probably with elevated privileges (with annual charges or some balance requirements in the savings account). I hear this is coming soon, really excited for this one.
  2. Ability to create temporary prepaid virtual cards in the app on request. Many banks have this feature, this can help in buying stuff online one-time, so we don’t have to share our primary card data with those vendors.
  3. An account variant with null FOREX charges. This is available with DCB, but it isn’t available for all cities (like mine) and I guess this can also be clubbed with the premium upcoming cards.
  4. Some tweaks in the NiyoX app. Inbuilt dark mode, UPI, and requesting account statements (exported to PDF or to email) can be really handy features to have.
  5. Recurring payments, similar to UPI mandates. If UPI is built into the app, this would be even simpler to implement and execute. Helpful for paying fees, rents, etc.

Enjoying the experience so far, and looking forward to the new features and updates in store for us. Hope you guys take these feature requests into consideration. For other users, what are some other features you would love to have in NiyoX?

Take care and stay safe!

Hello @hyperjit ! Firstly, I welcome you to the NiyoX community. As you’ve mentioned, all these features are already requested by most of the fellow NiyoX community members and they’ve already replied that all these features you’ve mentioned are on their road map. They’ll be coming with these features shortly in the upcoming months. You can also check the notification bell which is present in the app to check out on what feature will be rolling out next. Also, don’t forget to try out their new BOT, which can be accessed under support section in the NiyoX app itself. I bet you, you’ll enjoy hoping onboard to NiyoX!



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