NiyoX Monthly Transactions not visible

I have been using NiyoX app from around 1 year but there are two issues which I am facing recently.

First is while I am trying to see the monthly transactions, often times while checking all the transactions of the month the app kind of hangs and it only shows the last 10-15 transactions and after that it starts to show the transaction of last month but when you are downloading the same transaction summary for the month in that Excel sheet all your transactions are properly mentioned.

Second is when you want to tag a transaction to a particular category then only that transaction gets grouped to that particular tag but if you have other transactions for the same person or the same merchant then those are not tagged in that category, you need to manually select a tag and do it one by one which really is a pain.

I request NiyoX developers to take a look at this and get these issues fixed in the next software update.

Hello @Roy_0111 ! Thank you for your valuable feedback and will be sure to share it with the right teams. We honour feedback because it helps us learn and grow, so please do keep it coming.-WB