Re-KYC is becoming such a big pain

Recently I was asked to do reKYC for which I tried video process multiple times. It would go waiting but wouldnt get connected. Finally when it did get connected, I was told the KYC was rejected due to Name Mismatch ! (This is the same document I submitted 2 years back when I opened the account).

I called Customer Service (SBM) but there was no help.

But I know the mismatch issue (South Indians generally have this problem due to Initial and Last Name issue). So I visited SBM Chennai branch to submit the required documents.

I waited for 30 min but the associate who attended me after the wait was polite and took the necessary documents and said KYC status will be updated in a couple of days.

To my horror, I get a mail that KYC is still pending completion and when I raised the question to customer service, they are not responding properly. I was not informed of any issues after my bank visit and now I get a mail on KYC incompletion.

Pathetic customer service.

Dealing with KYC issues can be frustrating, especially when encountering mismatches due to naming conventions. It’s disappointing when customer service fails to provide satisfactory assistance. Hopefully, the situation gets resolved promptly with better communication and support from the bank.