Can't make full kyc and can't contact to customer care

Can’t make full kyc and can’t contact to customer care

Hello Venkat,

What is the issue you are facing while doing the full KYC?
If you are not able to contact the customer care via phone, you can raise a ticket in the app.

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Hey @venkat_sanjay ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. Could you please schedule your Full KYC from NiyoX app? If you find any difficulty, kindly reach out to our in-app support team and we’ll pixk it up from there.

Happy :niyo_community: Banking,

@ashrithjain I can understand there can be delay sometimes… it’s nearly 2 months since I started trying for Full KYC. When I contact customer service they will say it has be escalated to KYC team. From last week I started getting messages also which is of no use since no one is coming for KYC visit.
May I atleast know the exact reason for delay

Hey @Naveen_Reddy ! Not to worry, I’ve escalated the case to our KYC team and your Full KYC shall be completed at the earliest.

No body’s cannot conduct

Why I conduct customer care.already updated just few days back chromepet,branch visit update my Adthar card

@ashrithjain @Bansari :FYI, the first concern regarding KYC raised on AUG 23rd and I have been trying for KYC couple of weeks before that. So more than 2 months passed. Does it take this much long…?
I can assume there is no action being taken at all and I didn’t receive even a single call whether any action being taken or if you are not able to do it, please say that atleast, so that I will just try to close my account.

Many times I will call daily but any time busy