CKYC error even though I have done KYC in many platforms

Hi Team,

I have done KYC on Zerodha, also I have created an account on NiyoX. My KYC was done successfully. But I get CKYC error on niyo sbm app. Can you please resolve this and create my account? I am going abroad and soon I will need a forex card.

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I also have same issue. My first CKYC was done in 2016.
I have updated my CKYC through stock exchange broker, processed on 02-09-21 and it is updated on 03-10-21.
Still facing the same issue. In Niyo SMB application it is still showing that “You did not meet the outlined CKYC conditions.”
Please guide me how to proceed further?

Thank you,
Utpal Senjalia

Hey @Utpal_Senjalia ! Many a times, you might already have a CKYC record. But, it just happens that your record doesn’t meet the minimum requirements set by the partner bank. In this case, much can’t be done. While, I write this to you, I’d also like to inform you that, we’re working on an alternative KYC method for onboarding. Hope to serve you better in the future!


What is the expected time for the alternative KYC method to live?

Hey @theone1one ! As I write to you, we do not have a specific ETA, however, I’d like to inform you that we’re rigorously working on the alternative KYC method.

It has been more than one month and you are still rigorously working… ?

That’s what!..

Any update on this? I guess you guys are working on this since more than 3 months.

When are you planning to arrange for alternative way of doing CKYC. it has already been very long

Hey @theone1one ! Building an alternative KYC mode takes time. We’ll let you know once onboarding via alternative KYC method starts.