CKYC registration issue while creating the Niyo account through APP

I have update CKYC with bank recently and still in Niyo app it showing We cann’t find any match in CKYC database. so please help me out from this issue.

Hey @DAYANI_ISAIAH_PAUL ! Welcome to Niyo community! Sorry you had to face this issue.

If you have got your KYC details updated in the CKYC directory, it will take a couple of days for it to get reflected in the system. Meanwhile, please check the same with service provider you had updated your KYC details.

Yes It updated CKYC on 10 days ago

Yes, It updated CKYC on 10 days ago ,
the Bank was updated my KYC , and I already confirmed with Bank.

It is best to look for alternatives. Niyo has pathetic customer response time and service.

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how did you updated ckyc through bank?

nowadays ckyc is the easiest to create and the biggest challenge for niyo global sbm app. my sis wants to open an account on 5th Aug, KYC status for my sis is under process. God knows how it can end in how many days,niyo team needs to address this issue on a priority basis and make the self onboarding process easier and give ease to the customer.
CKYC is the backend process that will fulfill by nyio global team to process faster with respected teams.
I hope you understand the issue and resolve this proactively.

right hdfc forex card is good

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Can you tel me what is procedure to update contact number with niyo as i am moving abroad