Queries about Niyo Charges

I have an existing old Niyo Global card which is up for expiry, so was evaluating if it makes sense for me to update to the new Niyo offering. Was also reached out by a DCB employee about upgrading. But I had a few queries which I get conflicting details so asking here for clarification:

  1. What is the AMC on the Niyo account? Is there a conditional way to avoid AMC (IIRC it was 5K quarterly balance before)
  2. What is the International ATM withdrawal charge? Website says 425 + GST, PDF shared by DCB says 300+GST.
  3. Is there any monthly free international ATM withdrawal available on the Niyo card?
  4. Lounge Access: International Lounge access needs spends of 50K in a quarter. Is there any domestic lounge access provided with the card and is it conditional?

Can you please clarify these queries, it would be very helpful!

A happy Niyo customer considering an upgrade :slight_smile:

DCB Niyo Welcome Handbook.pdf (1.4 MB)

Sharing the PDF shared by DCB. Is this the correct information or is the information on the website correct?

Any clarifications @Jumain_Qureshi @akuzo_niyo ?

Hi @lixiyid665 ,

Apologies for the delay in response.

Thank you for reaching out with your queries. Here’s the clarification on the details:

  1. Avoiding AMC : Yes, you are correct. To avoid the Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC), you need to maintain a quarterly balance of 5K.

  2. International ATM Withdrawal Charge : The correct charge is 425 + GST, as mentioned on the website. The PDF you have might be an older version.

  3. Free International ATM Withdrawals : Yes, there are 3 free international ATM withdrawals available per month on the Niyo card.

  4. Lounge Access: To avail of international lounge access, you need to spend 50K in a quarter. Currently, domestic lounge access is not available.

We will share the updated PDF with you soon, as the one you have is an older version. If you need further clarification, feel free to write here or email us at global@goniyo.com.


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SOC-DCB-Niyo-Savings-Account.pdf (68.1 KB)

@Jumain_Qureshi Is this the correct updated PDF? This was shared by the DCB rep earlier today. However, this doesn’t mention the free international ATM withdrawals you mentioned above. Can you clarify?

Any update on this @Jumain_Qureshi ?

Hi @lixiyid665,

Yes, this is the updated Schedule of Charges sheet for the Niyo DCB account. The free international ATM withdrawal feature is offered by Niyo, not by DCB Bank.

With your DCB Niyo Debit Card and Niyo SBM Credit Card, you can enjoy 3 free international ATM withdrawals per quarter. Any ATM withdrawal fees charged will be reversed through Niyo Coins within 60 days. These Niyo Coins can be used to book flights, acquire visas, secure travel insurance, and more—all through the Niyo app.

You can check out the Niyo application to know more about the terms & conditions regarding the Free International ATM withdrawal offer.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for the update @Nith_In . Just two more clarifications:

you can enjoy 3 free international ATM withdrawals per quarter

  1. In the post above yours, @Jumain_Qureshi has said “Yes, there are 3 free international ATM withdrawals available per month on the Niyo card.”
  • So which is it? Per month or per quarter?
  1. Is there any difference in getting a Niyo card from DCB (as mentioned above, there’s a DCB bank rep who has offered this) vs from the Niyo app directly?

Thanks in advance!