International usage like ATM withdrawals and all transactions

Hi there,

As there’s a RBI ban on Niyo Global DC by SBM for international usage, can’t we just apply for Niyo X DC by Equitas which offers the same features right?

We wouldn’t have to go on applying for a FD backed CC, if the above works.

Hi John,

Glad you enquired!

We offer 2 international debit cards which work absolutely fine for international transactions. Niyo Global Equitas and Niyo Global DCB.

The best part is that all our cards come with the benefit of zero forex markup, enabling you to make international transactions without any extra charges and save significantly. Our cards also come with a host of other exciting benefits that we’re sure you’ll love.

Both Niyo Global DCB and Niyo Global Equitas offer 0 balance savings accounts with attractive interest rates. With Niyo Global DCB Savings account, you can enjoy an interest rate of up to 7.25% with quarterly payout. On the other hand, Niyo Global Equitas provides an interest rate of up to 7.50% per annum. These accounts are designed to help you grow your savings while keeping your funds easily accessible.

Coming to ATM charges:
Niyo DCB card (current account), you have the benefit of one free international ATM transaction per month. However, any additional international ATM withdrawals within the same month will incur a charge of Rs. 100 + GST for each transaction.

As for domestic ATM charges, when using a DCB ATM, there are no charges at all. However, if you choose to use any other ATMs, a fee of Rs. 20 + GST will be applicable.

You can refer to this link to check out the perfect Niyo Global product that suits your needs:

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for Niyo DCB card (saving account), isn’t the first international atm usage free?