International ATM withdrawl


I am planning to withdraw 200$ from the international airport. what charges will I incur if I use Niyo’s SBM card? I heard that Foreign ATMs will charge some amount.

As per the Niyo website and the sheet which I received through card, it says that the charges will be (100Rs + GST) → these charges are from Niyo only, or is it the entire amount which I will incur?

Also how much will be the GST?

Hey @yashwanthk ! For every international ATM withdrawal, ₹100 + ₹18 (GST) applies, making it a sum of ₹118/trn. Hope this helps!

@ashrithjain there won’t be any other charges which I will incur apart from 118 right? and is the first international ATM withdrawal free? and I can see you mentioned 18rs as the GST so is it on the amount which I withdraw or is it on 100rs? Also as per a few foreign ATMs will charge some % on the amount which we withdraw. So through we won’t have these charges.?

Along with INR 118/trn, you’ll also be charged with the acquiring bank’s ATM fee. No, first transaction is not free.

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