Possible to update phone number in Niyo SBM?

Hello, will I be able to update my phone number in the Niyo SMB account (for using the Niyo SBM card)? Because when I’m outside India, the number with which I have registered on Niyo SBM will not be working, so I’ll need to get a new number. And each time I log into the app, I’m asked to verify the OTP sent to the registered phone number.

Hey @Sudhanshu_Chopra ! We certainly understand your concern. The registered mobile number cannot be changed as of now. However, we have made a note of your feedback and forwarded it to the right team. We will surely keep you informed once the feature is live. - WB

Thanks for letting me know.

Any idea when updating mobile number feature might be incorporated? If it will be incorporated at all?

Is there an alternative? Maybe I should delete the account and create a new one with the new phone number?

@Wasim_Al_Basha Kindly advise?

Hey @Sudhanshu_Chopra

We’re curious as much as you’re to make this update available at the earliest. Your account closure wouldn’t be a solution to update your details. Rest assured! you’ll be among the first few to know once the update is live. Stay tuned with us.

Ranjith M