Payment not settled

Hlo its been 48 hours my payment is not settled yet
I debited from my sbi account 37#######2
of rs 20,000 rs but not credited in my sbm niyo card its imps transaction
Utr payment no 226500693590 on 22 September 2022
I tried to chat but no solution they saying for wait we will fix its already 40+ hours no solution please help me i am in abroad in hospital i have to withdraw money to atm please fix this issue credit or pay back to my account
Very poor service niyo sbm

Hey @iAMRITIK_420! We’ve masked your account details due to privacy concerns. We’ll always recommend you to share such details only via a direct message or with our support team.

We deeply regret the inconvenience. If the amount has been debited from the account but not credited to the beneficiary, you may receive the refund within 2-3 business days and we kindly request you to wait until then. We are unable to identify your account details. For further help, kindly request you connect with our Live Chat Support team using your Niyo Global app or write to us at from your registered email.


Hlo @Deepak @Wasim_Al_Basha @NiyoX
Its about transaction not credited to my niyo x please review my ticket and fixx it asap its urgent situation
I do live chat but no solution please fix this issue

Hi @iAMRITIK_420, regret the hassle, The team is looking into it. Once they have an update from the bank they will keep you posted over email.

Hello @iAMRITIK_420! As per the update we recieved from the Bank, you are advised to check with your source bank account. -WB

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What source sir its in your bank problem