ATM and POS transactions fail with the Niyo Global SBM Debit Card

Hi Team,

All ATM withdrawal and POS transactions on the Niyo Global SBM Debit card are failing. I set up my pin and have verified that my card is unlocked and ‘ATM withdrawals’ and ‘Card Swipes’ are enabled. I have also verified my transaction amounts are within their respective limits.

I have tried performing ATM withdrawals at SBI, HDFC and Axis Bank ATMs. All of them have failed. All POS transactions are also failing.

I have been facing this issue since last Friday. I have raised a few tickets on the app, but they were directly closed without any resolution.

Please resolve this ASAP. The core functionality of your card is compromised. Please check the pictures below.

Saikat Bhowmick

Hey @Saikat_Bhowmick ! We’re aware of the issue and are constantly working towards a fix for the same. We’re frequently in touch with the partner bank and VISA for working on this issue. We’ll instantly notify you once we have an update. Regret the inconvenience caused. Appreciate the patience.


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@ashrithjain I wish to mention that I just tried an online transaction, which is working fine. Please work on it on priority. This is the basic functionality for which we took the card. Most of us will do POS transactions when we travel overseas. It’s a good thing I checked this issue before traveling overseas.

Hey @Saikat_Bhowmick ! I definitely understand your concern regarding the same. It is absolutely necessary for the card to be working as it’s core functionality of a debit card. As said, we’re already working on this on priority basis and will get back shortly with a resolution.


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@ashrithjain I’ve just received an email form stating that a new card will be dispatched, and they had asked me to fill a google form with my contact details and address. I’ve done the same and submitted the form.

Can you please ensure that the card is dispatched on priority, as I will be out of station for around 3 weeks starting from the 6th of October 2021.

Hey @Saikat_Bhowmick ! We did receive your response. Not to worry, we’re considering the cases on priority basis and will make sure to dispatch the new card at the earliest.

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@ashrithjain According to the email I had received last week, my card was supposed to be dispatched this weekend but I haven’t received any communication regarding the same. I will be leaving for holidays for about three weeks on 6th October 2021. Can you guys please ship the card ASAP, so that I can receive it?

@ashrithjain Any updates?

What in the actual hell does card declined due to server error mean?

Is the card working fine?

@mik Yes it is.

Can you also be prompt enough to please confirm that as of today (Feb’22) -

  1. Am I correct that AMC is from 2nd year onwards (Rs. 499/-) and for 1st year it is FREE?
  2. Is it true that there is one free International ATM withdrawal per month? If not please correct this understanding and share the charges.
    3.Is the app still in BETA phase? any timelines to get this one working to the fullest?
    4.Is there any account closure charge and what’s the process to do so?

Hey @mik

Your queries have been answered in the same order.

  1. There will be no charges on your Niyo Global by SBM card, it is a lifetime free card.
  2. For International ATM withdrawal, it would be ₹100 per transaction.
  3. The stable version Niyo global by SBM app is live for IOS users in the App store. For android users, the app is in the Beta phase. We’ll inform you once an update is available.
  4. There would be no charges for account closure. A cancelled cheque and PAN/Aadhaar card needs to be shared with us via for our team to coordinate the account closure with the bank. Once the documents are received your account will be closed in 5-7working days.
    Hope this helps!


On 1. There will be no charges on your Niyo Global by SBM card, it is a lifetime free card. - are you sure about this? On this link it says, Annual Debit Card fees* (Second Year Onwards), hence the ask.

On 3, i was told by your team that this is incorrect. The app is STILL IN BETA phase for iOS too. I can no longer see transactions on the app and upon raising a ticket, was told that this will TAKE ONE MONTH to be fixed. Surprisingly NO ONE took the responsibility to communicate this OFFICIALLY from your company.
which means that this app requires a downtime of ONE MONTH just to display TRANSACTIONS on its app.

@Ranjith FYI. This is the communication.

Hey @mik! Yes, the annual charges on the Niyo SBM debit card are completely waived off. For transactions not being updated in the Niyo SBM app, the team is working on it and it may take a few more days to fix it.


Thank you @Deepak. The online chat told me that it’s gonna take 1 MONTH to fix the transactions issue which really doesn’t make sense (it’s like developing a new app from scratch) Hope the team is vigorously working on this and can share an ETA around this.

Hey @mik! The issue has been taken care of. We are working round the clock to enhance our product so that we can deliver the best user experience.

Thank you!

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I can see you say in 2021 now it’s 2022 after one year you can’t solve this problem I am facing same problem now