Not receiving OTP to login to Niyo Global App

I am currently living in Japan and in the process of changing my phone.
I am trying to login to the Niyo App but not able to receive OTP on my India number. I can confirm that OTPs from other apps are coming.

Please let me know what can be done further since I need to login to the Niyo App for doing transactions

Hey @ableabh! This shouldn’t have happened. You should receive an OTP on your registered mobile number to login into the app. If you aren’t receiving it, please retry in a while. If the issue persists, you may reach out to us or write to us at

Okay. I will retry it again tomorrow. I am trying to set it up on my iphone. Is there some issue with OTPs not coming on the iphone? If the OTP does not come on the iphone, I will try it with my android once.

Hey @ableabh

There are no such device criteria for OTPs. You should receive it on either of the devices. Be assured, we’re here to back you in case you come across any hurdles.

Ranjith M