Not getting otp to login my account

Hi, I am in Finland right now i need to login into my account to check balance but I cant able to login because I am not getting otp because my Indian sim card will not work here is there any other way to login my account using email. Help me through this. My phone number is +91 6380331375 and my email id is

Hey @KRISHNA_M! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Your privacy matters to us. We always recommend you to share your personal details like mobile number, email and account details only via a direct message or with our live chat support through the app.

To log in to the app, the OTP will be sent only to the registered mobile number. We are working to bring the login OTP option to email too. However, it may take some more time. Therefore, we’d request you to activate your mobile number to receive the OTPs.



I am facing the same issue too. My service provider doesn’t have a service in the country I am in now. So I won’t be able to activate it. Can you please provide an estimated timeline to solve this problem? I can see a lot of users requesting this feature. Without this Niyo Global is virtually useless to me.


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Hey @Adarsh_C! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! We do not have a tentative timeline for it. This may take slightly longer. We’ll notify our users when we facilitate it in the future.


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Hello @Deepak

I didn’t get the OTP because i am in uk and here no single for that simcard i have made mistakes that i have logged out my niyo global account so can you please help me with this?.
Urgently required.
You can contact me on +447570308257 and

Thanking you.

Hey @Mona_Patel! We are sorry for late reply.

Currently, we do not have the facility to send the app login OTPs on the registered email. It will be sent only on the registered mobile number. To receive the OTPs on your registered mobile, it is recommended to activate international roaming.


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Can you send link of that i have jio sim card