Not getting otp for transferring

Otp is not getting while transferring

Hello @Thanzi2808 ! Please ensure that the below conditions are met: *Good & active internet connection *Incoming SMS is active *DND is inactive. The above-given steps should resolve the issue. If the issue still persists, kindly reach out to our live chat support option through the Niyo SBM app. We’re here to help! -WB


Everything is active only ! When beneficiary adding Otp will come ! But when I transfer Otpis not coming

(Attachment IMG_242409840.MOV is missing)

Hi @Thanzi2808, this is something unusual, We would like to inform you that please set the limits for POS, Ecom, and ATM transactions and try doing it. Also, please log in to the different devices with updated versions of the app and try doing the transactions. If you are still not able to get it please do write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.