Not able to withdraw money from ATM in India with Niyo global card

Both me and my wife are not able to withdraw money from any ATM in India with our respective Niyo global visa signature debit cards.
We are getting some weird dynamic conversion thing on screen and then External Error 68 code. I have even raised a support ticket , but the ticket seems to have been marked closed without providing any resolution . Ticket number is 1358405. Attaching screenshot of issue

Hey @anirban_chowdhury!

Thanks for your time over the call. There seems to be an issue with ATM withdrawal. This has been highlighted to our team and we are having this checked. Kindly allow us some time and we’ll help you with the ATM withdrawal. In the meantime, you may use your card for POS/online transactions.


I am getting the exact same issue on my card, my wife’s card is also facing same issue. Whenever I am trying to withdraw money from ATM in India, Getting error code 68 - External Error , and not able to withdraw card

I have raised a ticket for this issue with ticket number - 1358405
Today I saw , my ticket has been marked closed without any resolution

Hi @Deepak
The issues seems to be on withdrawal on some banks specifically psu banks atm’s . Just now I tried withdrawing some amount from my Niyo global by sbm debit card and I was able to withdraw it from axis bank atm

I also tried my wife’s card and that too worked .
I will be travelling to Singapore in the month of August , I hope don’t get any issue in withdrawal over there

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Thank you for confirming @anirban_chowdhury, we are working with the bank closely to avoid such issues going further. :blush: