Not able to create account even though i have CKYC since the past 4 years

Hey Guys,
I am already a customer of Niyo DCB but wanted to change to Niyo SBM cause of the UI/UX of the application. I am getting an error saying CKYC doesn’t exist but I do have a CKYC number and i have had lot of other banks pull my data using the same PAN/AADHAR details. Can you guys sort this out?

Hey @Akhil_Kumar! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As per our system’s information, we see that you’ve completed OTP-Based e-KYC & KYC year is 2018 due to which you are unable to proceed with the onboarding for Niyo SBM. For Niyo SBM, the KYC type should be Normal. Here, you may have to contact your service provider (possibly your bank) where e-KYC has been done and that needs to be updated to Normal KYC. Thereafter, you should be able to complete the onboarding formalities for Niyo Global by SBM.