Nodal office contact details

Please provide Niyo global nodal officer (grievance officer) contact details. Which is a mandate from RBI

Hey @Shiv_Kumar3

Welcome to our Niyo community :slight_smile:

We’re uncertain about the reason for your discontent. Kindly help us understand better, for us to pitch in and offer you the needed support.

Ranjith M

I just want to know the nodal officer details. Does niyo global have any issue in sharing this information. I believe this is one of the RBI’s requirement to have nodal officer details published for all banks and financial institutions.
Regarding my concern I will follow the process of connecting with your support first ( Which I already have done and no pleased with the support).
And please do not reply that please connect with over phone to resolve this etc etc.
just publish the required information

Did someone share the nodal officer details. I also need it