Niyo sbm app not connecting during night hours

Dear niyo team,
I am very much glad to be one of the niyo sbm account holder, which made us possible recently with niyo sbm beta app. I would like to congratulate niyo team’s and their developer’s for giving us wonderful app and it’s benefits.
The account opening completed in micro seconds as rocket speed.
I wish you to the future success.

Here is my observation I would like to share :

  1. From the day I opened the account, It was noticed that the niyo sbm app not connecting to bank server during night hours (daily around 2300 hrs to 0600 hrs), This should be rectified at the earliest, as it is day hours in other part of globe.

  2. I understand that niyo team is working hard for delivering otp’s in the registered email other than the registered mobile number. I request this should be done at the earliest.

The whole purpose of getting this app and debit card is to make international transactions, which is not fulfilled yet.

Further for niyo sbm account the SB interest rates were not clearly mentioned any where (it is mentioned upto 5%, *conditions apply) no where found in the terms and conditions.

It must be clear and transparent, which is restricting us to high savings,

Hope niyo team will look into this matter and get it resolved at the earliest and I wish too.

Thanks and regards

Hi @Robert_Williams,

Thank you for leaving us this review. We highly believe that feedback from our users is the best way to keep improving our services / products :slight_smile: we are internally looking into how we can continue on making Niyo even better in the future.


Yes, even now at 9:30am ist transactions are not being reflected at all.
The card has been delivered but the app still says action pending and there is no way to slide it out.

Hi @Sindhi,

(1/2) Kindly pull down the transaction page to refresh the same and check if its updated
(2/2) Pending action pop up is an internal bug and we are working on the same.


Namaste, yes even refresh used to not work.
But the app has started reflecting data at odd hours as well it seems, tried it yesterday.

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Update: it has gone back to not reflecting the correct balance and transactions (often during late evening to early morning IST).

Hi @Sindhi,

Yes due to server downtime from 11 PM - 4 AM IST, you’ll be unable to check your updated balance on the app, and fund transfer will not be available as well. Services will resume post 4 AM. However, your card will remain operational for POS, ECOM, or ATM transactions.


Okay, but is that a starting up (the whole project with SBM) issue or will that be like this always?