Terrible Service From Niyo Global

Most of your services don’t work at any given time. I don’t know who gave you permission to run this service.

Issues I’ve faced in just 3-4 days of creating an account with Niyo SBM -

  1. Transferred 6000 from another account to Niyo SBM account. Amount was deducted from the other account and I even got a confirmation for the same but it didn’t show in Niyo SBM account.

  2. Transactions are not shown real time. It keeps loading and fetching information which is a serious drawback for a financial services app

  3. Bank servers have been down the last 9-10 hours. Had a chat through the app and they keep saying they’re working on it. How can a banking service be down for 9-10 hours?
    How is this service even reliable?

Do you really think your customers will be confident enough to rely on your card while travelling?

You should just shut down this service and save everything their time and money.

Hey @ryan ! Welcome to Niyo Community! Please accept our sincere apologies for the hassle.

  1. We are getting this checked with the bank. We will get back with an update at the earliest.

  2. We are still running on a Beta version and there’s a lot that we are working on for you. We assure you that things are only gonna look brighter as we go.

  3. We believe that the server issue has been resolved. We request you to try relaunching the Niyo Global by SBM app now and it should work just fine.

Server is still not working. I am not able to make payments

No, the server issue is not yet resolved. I just checked.

I can understand if the app is in Beta right now but atleast the basic functionalities of a banking app(transact/view transactions) should be working at all times. If you can’t provide this then you shouldn’t bother launching the app. This is the bare necessity. You can play around with the fancy stuff like UI and other things and people won’t complain since it’s in Beta, but the basic banking functionality should be working.

Hey @ryan! Our sincere apologies for the hassle experience. :slightly_frowning_face:
Feedback has been shared with our team and they are trying to fix them. With regards to your transaction amount of Rs.6000, the fund might have been refunded to the source account and we kindly request you to check for the same.