Niyo IDFC First bank account waitlist PAUSED!

We have paused our Niyo IDFC First Bank waitlist program for now while we serve the early birds. We will be again open for subscriptions soon.


When you are planning to reopen the registration?

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dear Niyo

When you are planning to reopen the registration?

Giving approximate date/week is appreciated than word “Soon” …

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Hey Murali! We’re trying our best to clear the current waitlist before we can open up for more registrations. Our aim is to resume as soon as we can and we will be sure to notify all our interested users. Thank you for your patience. ∞LK

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I have tried to apply niyo IDFC first bank zero balance account. the app says “Thank you for your interest, due to an overwhelming response, we are pressing pause on our waitlist for now.”

I am trying since May. when it will be actually resumed?

Hey Anshuman! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We sincerely thank you for your interest. We would like to inform you that we are trying to clear the current waitlist as soon as possible and we should be able to resume shortly. Stay tuned! LK

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This list is too long its on hold since may :frowning: ?

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@anshuman Niyo IDFC is again started registration. But there is a difference from 1st stage registration. Those who are registering now have to initially transfer ₹10,000 in order to get the account.

Don’t know why they imposed this rule now. Also don’t know when customer can withdraw it or should customer have to maintain this amount as MAB.

Hey Alan! Yes, please note that now there is no waiting for opening your account. All you have to do is deposit the 10000/- and instantly open your account in the next 24 hours with us. The balance will be available for you to use immediately on ECOM transactions and once the card is delivered, you can withdraw the amount too. The AMV(average monthly balance) has to be maintained at ₹10000/-. LK

@lucky Your reply regarding MAB is misguiding. Yesterday @Suryashashank replied that this is ZERO BALANCE account and no need to maintain any MAB.

Please do clarify.

Hey Alan! The update is applicable to all the fresh registrations and accounts opened today onwards. The existing accounts would still be able to maintain zero balance in their accounts. LK

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@lucky This information is no where mentioned i Niyo website.

By the way, I was managed to open account on 24-August-2020. I transferred ₹10K on 24th. So what is my account category?

Is it Zero Balance or should maintain ₹10,000 as MAB?

Yours would be a zero balance Alan. LK

@lucky Hi, could you please confirm, opening account means completing full KYC by meeting Niyo executive?

Or registering and activating ATM card and UPI is enough?

Please clarify. Thanks.